Dec 31

I Want You At Our Next Meeting

I Want YOU

I Want YOU

Please join us at our next monthly meeting on April 20th, 2016 at Country Junction Restaurant in Beaumont. Our Program starts at 6:00PM, Come Early to Eat. ALL are welcome


Dec 31

Thank Our Lucky Stars – 5 Ways America is Already Socialist

Thank Our Lucky Stars

5 Ways America is Already Socialist


Dec 31

Beginning Right Now – The 2016 Campaign

It’s a New General Election Campaign for 2016 beginning right now!

Get involved. Get out the information.

Help us help you help Our Area.


Get ON your ASS and Vote Democratic ONLY!

Remember: a vote for a republican is a vote for the tea party!


Whistling Donkey

Oct 05

Koch Brothers Backing Misleading Anti-Solar Campaign in Florida

The Koch brothers and utility giants are bankrolling a ballot initiative in Florida to block the development of home solar and to protect the utilities’ continuing oligopoly on energy generation in the Sunshine State.

Read the article at

Oct 05

Gross Income Inequality in America

Oct 03

Welcome to Our Fabulously Updated Website


After our illustrious Webmaster managed to destroy our last website, he has been diligently working in the dungeon to get this new site up and running. Hima culpa, hima Website-Construction1-300x169[1]culpa.

This is a work in progress but we certainly hope you will like and enjoy our efforts here. After all, this is really for your edification and illumination about who we are, where we are and what we do.

We really hope that we can motivate you to come to one of our monthly meetings – no obligation whatsoever but of course we will try to interest you in our club membership. Its only $25.00 per year and we have a lot of fun while we educate and inform the citizens of the Pass Area. No, you do not have to live here in order to join.